About An She Bakes Blog

Blogger, Baker- An She Bakes

Who I am?

My name is An. I am a digital media/marketing professional turned Pastry Cook and Blogger.

What is the An She Bakes Blog about?
An She Bakes Blog is a humble baking blog for all things deliciously weird and wonderful. I write articles to inform and recipes to inspire and confuse.

How did An She Bakes all begin?

I have a baking problem. This blog is to document my ‘condition’.

There’s no real secret to baking, just experience and a little bit of patience. But, if I can do it, you can do it too… unless you don’t have an oven.. that could be a problem.

Let’s face it! If you’re going to put on the calories make it the best calories you have ever tasted.

Now that we’ve got to know each other, let’s be email buddies!

 Feel free to contact me-

Mail me: anshebakes@gmail.com

Like me: https://www.facebook.com/anshebakes

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