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It can be a minefield looking for the best stand mixer, They’re an bit of an investment so it’s good to do the research before you take the dive. In the end,  best mixer is the one that suits your needs. There’s a mixer out there  for every cooking style. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to! I’ve round up the best stand mixers on the Australian market.

best stand mixers Australia

I did some extensive research on mixers on the Australian market. I used all the information that was available to consumers on the brand’s website combined with consumer review sites and also product review resources.  First,  looked all the major brands on the Australian market which includes Sunbeam, Krambrook, Kenwood, Electrolux, Breville and KitchenAid.  I also looked at all the models that they had to offer which was a total of 26 models all together.

 Then I started to narrow it down the mixers which were readily available at leading retailers and excluded the ones which were hard to find. I also ended up excluding the models with bad reviews or insufficient information {This step basically knocked out any mixer under RRP $399! And I’ve mentioned this in a previous post you’ll get better bang for your buck if you  spend $200 on a quality hand mixer than $300 on a sub-par stand mixer. Trust me guys, I learnt this the hard way!} 

I ended up with 15 mixers to review and compare. Being the nerd that I am, I also created this glorious spreadsheet filled with specifications of each mixer so that I can compare each mixer to find the best one.  I love a good spreadsheet don’t you? Here’s a screenshot  just so you can get an idea. *flies nerd flag high*best mixer review australia


BEST Mixer for New Bakers

Kenwood, kMix KMX99, RRP $399

(Average price in stores $345.72)

stand mixer for bakers

The kMix is the cheapest mixer with decent reviews. It’s a great mixer for those starting out and don’t want to spend a lot on a mixer. It has a cute design and comes in a range of colours. It also has matching appliances which great for those who like to colour co-ordinate their appliances. YAY for matching things!

mixers for beginners, best mixer for beginners

Best Mixer for a serious all rounder baker

Kenwood, Premier Chef KMC510 ,RRP $649
(average price in stores $520.25)

best stand mixer, stand mixer buying guide, stand mixer review,

This is powerful workhorse of a stand mixer and it will take whatever you throw at it. It will make moderate/large volumes, however it will struggle to make small batches. I have this stand mixer and I love it. My only complaint is that the mixer does wiggle a bit when you’re aggressively kneading bread dough but other than that it’s a great stand mixer. Kenwood have released the Chef Sense which is a more powerful ( and more expensive) updated kitchen machine. The Chef Sense is also a good option if you have a bit more cash to spare. It’s a relatively new model, there is actually not a lot of reviews on the Chef Sense machine.

Best Mixer for a Sweet bakers

Breville, scraper mixer Twin EM820,  RRP $599.95
(average price in store $478.75)

anshebakes breville

This is a great mixer for light baking, cakes/cupcakes, cookies and meringues. This kitchen mixer is the only one which has a scraper beater that scrapes the bowl so you don’t have to. However,   I’ve seen pretty bad reviews on using this mixer to knead dough. So, if you’re not looking to make bread dough,  this mixer is perfect for you. It also comes with two different sized bowls for mixing larger or smaller volumes, you can use the bigger bowl to mix cake batter and the smaller one for icing. It works out perfectly!

Best Mixer for KitchenAid lovers-

A KitchenAid

best kitchen mixer, kitchen mixer review, kitchen mixer comparison

If you’re looking for a KitchenAid alternative just stop now. Because If you have your heart set on a KitchenAid, splurge a little extra and but it because you can’t go wrong with one. I know many people who have comprised with another model and ended up regretting not buying the KitchenAid.

Don’t get me wrong KitchenAids are very sexy and durable stand mixers. But KitchenAids are only great if you live in USA, where you can pick up one of  these bad boys for $279 ( $385 AUD!!! Proof here ).  Whereas, Australians are paying at least $599.00 for the same model!( And not to mention, US market has a larger range of colours.) It’s a good mixer, if want one buy it, you won’t regret it.

Best Mixer for Large Volumes

Kenwood Titanimum Major RRP $1,709 (Average price in store $1,263.00)

benchtop mixer review Australia

KitchenAid KSM7581 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer RRP $1,199 (Average price in stores $1,199)

white kitchen aid Australia

If you find yourself baking large quantities, you’ll need one of these.  These mixers come with a big bowl capacities, big motors and big price tags.  KitchenAid has 6.9L bowl capacity which is slightly larger than the Kenwood Titanium Major 6.7L. The Kenwood Titanium Major has the most powerful motor on the Australian market with an impressive 1500 watts.

The main difference between these mixers, is the the Kenwood Titanium Major has a head lifting action to change out the beaters, whereas the KitchenAid has a bowl lift action as the motor is too heavy to tilt back, so what you choose is down to your personal preference. Though I personally like the tilt head action, this means most of the batter will fall off the beater as you lift and you won’t need to scrape as much off your beaters.

And there you have it! The round up of the best kitchen mixers on the Australian market! I hope this posts helps you by the mixer that’s right for you! Let me know which mixer you’re going to get!

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