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Milk Bar life book Australia

Milk Bar life Book


I am a huge fan of the Momofuku Milk cookbook and the second I heard that Christina Tosi was going to write another book I dropped everything and pre-ordered it straight away. {this is not an exaggeration}

I received a few months later and fter reading a few recipes it hit me that this book is really left of field from Tosi’s first  book.This book appeals to literally the polar opposite audience. Though the book wasn’t what I expected, this book is still alot of fun and I still think it’s worth a read. But, if you’re a food snob.. give this one a miss.

It’s no secret that Christina Tosi is my pastry idol, but  the  thing I adore about  Christina Tosi is her unpretentious approach to food, pastry and life in general.  Milk bar life is a book that celebrates everyday food that is apart of everyday life. It’s so refreshing when chefs reveal their guilty pleasures. i.e supermarket/low brow food… [Let’s face it,  we all have them! My guilty pleasure is fried chicken!]

Let’s all be honest, no one has time to cook a roast every night or put together a complicated Michelin star recipe  on the regular. This book celebrates the food we actually every day (even if you won’t admit it). Because after a long work day, a pantry meal will do, we’ve all been there.

This book is so much fun, I’ll admit some recipes in this book are pretty ‘out there’ and also some recipes resemble  stoners dream menu. It’s not the most high brow book, but it’s a great book to draw inspiration from. It’s also really American, so if you’re an American food enthusiast you will love this book!

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Usability : Simple, straight forward, Mixture of sweet and savoury recipes, from meals  to snacks and treats.
Techniques needed:  Beginner-  Easy
Ingredient Availability: Pretty basic, there aren’t many  specialty ingredients however, there will be a lot of ingredients in the book that you’d be hard pressed to find in an Australian super Market {e.g, Velveeta Cheese, cresent dough}
Buy this book for: Momofuku Milk bar fan girls, Fancy stoners who are also foodies,  young and unconventional cooks, junk food lovers.
This book is not for: Food Snobs, traditional cooks, people who don’t like to have fun with food, people who are health conscious.
RRP: $60 AUD

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